Artificial Intelligence

AI. It’s the next big thing. It’s the next big thing that many people aren’t paying attention to, yet it is going to change the world in a way that has never been seen before. AI is the thing governments are rushing to develop, it’s the thing people are spending billions and devoting their lives to achieve.

The race to develop a machine that learns is the new space race and then some but what about human learning?

How many of us think the idea of a machine being able to learn is impressive yet make no effort to learn ourselves? I work with many intelligent people who view learning only as something to get a qualification to hopefully earn more. They do nothing in their day to day lives to expand their own knowledge. For some of them the last book they read was at university and they don’t even read fiction. I work with people who travel to European countries most weeks yet never bother to learn a word of the language. There are people who have no hobbies requiring even a little learning or self-improvement.

We live in a time where learning is the easiest it has ever been in human history. We have access to vast amounts of information and equipment greater than entire kingdoms of the past and yet so few of us stretch our brains with a book or even a streamed documentary.

With such apathy towards our own learning are we really prepared to create intelligent machines?

© 2018 David G Chambers. All rights reserved.

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