Wasp People

Everyone hates wasps, they come out for a couple of months a year and their reason to live seems to be stinging people. They buzz around picnics and parties, upset everyone and then fly off to upset the next bunch of people.

Some people are like wasps. For whatever reason they still get invited to parties when all they want to do is cause problems and upset people. Maybe there fine until they’ve had a drink but they still get invited and they still have a drink.

Why do we put up with wasp people when they bring nothing to the picnic but their sting?



© 2018 David G Chambers. All rights reserved.

Published by

David G Chambers

David Chambers grew up in Coventry in the 80's and 90's. A time and place not known for literature, he was never the less raised on a road named after Robert Louis Stevenson. His walk to school took him through roads named after Joseph Addison, Rudyard Kipling and Charles Dickens. Oblivious to the inspiration he followed his career advisor into engineering and spent the next couple of decades forgetting his earlier love of reading and writing stories. Finally, a change of role left him with lots of flights and nights in hotels. After filling his spare time with reading he decided it was time to create his own stories and finally put pen to paper.

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