New Year Message

2018, it’s been a busy year and has gone fast. I read somewhere that life is like a toilet roll, it goes faster the closer you get to the end. It’s becoming increasingly true for me. I did, however, tick something off my bucket list by publishing a book, I went the self-publishing route because I never wanted it to become a job with people to answer to and deadlines, maybe one day but for now I prefer the self-publishing route. It’s receiving good reviews so for a limited time I have made it free. Linked below:

If you enjoy my writing then take a look, it won’t cost you anything.

I’ve also increased the regularity of blog entries I write and have resolved to keep this up for 2019.

Beyond writing I’ve found a little more discipline has made a big impact, simply getting up early to have time to gather my thoughts and get things done has been greatly effective in clearing my mind.

So, for 2019 I plan on keeping up this pattern and bringing in a couple more good habits.

Hopefully you have some plans for 2019 and regardless of what you have in mind I hope 2019 is a good year for you and yours.

All the best


© 2019 David G Chambers. All rights reserved.

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