Puppy Training


I recently got a new puppy. She was a spur of the moment purchase after weeks of watching the puppies slowly being sold off and recounting all the reasons a puppy wasn’t sensible until we gave in.

I spent the weekend watching her play, settle in to her new home and watch my daughter teach her to sit. While watching I realised that there’s plenty we can learn from a puppy:


Enjoy the simple things in life: Dogs are happy with the simple things, food, fuss and fun. They will never trade love for bling.

Explore the world: They spend a lot of time just exploring, if something makes them nervous they go back to it and slowly nose it until the nerves go away.

Don’t be afraid to look silly: Puppies plod around with feet too big for their legs, they bump into things, they knock things over and they don’t mind.

Learn: Every day they learn. It could be tricks, meeting friends, discovering cats have claws or simply that looking cute can get them treats. They keep learning regardless.

Keep growing: She grows every day, in size, confidence and everything else. It’s small steps but over a short period of time all the above steps will make a difference.

Take the rough with the smooth: At night she cries, in the day she sometimes makes a mess and there is a growing list of things with tiny teeth marks including my toes. Life happens, things aren’t perfect but if you want something you have to deal with the downsides.

Have fun: There is nothing that brings as much fun as a new puppy. They learn through fun and play and even an old dog will enjoy fetching a ball.


As a celebration of my new pup found happiness and since I am a little distracted from writing my second book, I’ve made my first book Salt available for free for a few days:


Take a look and leave me a review or comment, I hope you enjoy it.



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Published by

David G Chambers

David Chambers grew up in Coventry in the 80's and 90's. A time and place not known for literature, he was never the less raised on a road named after Robert Louis Stevenson. His walk to school took him through roads named after Joseph Addison, Rudyard Kipling and Charles Dickens. Oblivious to the inspiration he followed his career advisor into engineering and spent the next couple of decades forgetting his earlier love of reading and writing stories. Finally, a change of role left him with lots of flights and nights in hotels. After filling his spare time with reading he decided it was time to create his own stories and finally put pen to paper.

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