Lock Down Stuff

Many of you may well be locked down, hopefully, none of you are ill.

There’s a lot of stuff flying around about taking the time to learn a new language or write that book you always dreamed of etc. It’s great advice, I plan on getting some more words down on my next book and you may have noticed a new theme to the site.

Making use of the time is all good though but a lot of us already have the time to do those things, an hour a day will soon get your fitness levels up or learn a language or get a good number of words down on paper. Most of us have that time most days if we’re honest.

If you now have more time, then do the above but don’t forget the more important things. Spend some time with the family especially your kids or elders, it’s all too easy to miss things in our normal day to day lives. You could always look around to see if people in your community need help, there’s an app in the UK for volunteers and churches or other community groups will be able to find something for you to do.

Whatever you do, make it something you want to do and if all your close ones are safe then spare a few moments to think about the important things. People.

© 2020 David G Chambers. All rights reserved.

2 thoughts on “Lock Down Stuff

    1. Agreed however the government in the UK has set up a volunteering app which I’m using, you need to be verified and there’s no contact between people. If you’re in the UK you had to register. Our local church is also dropping off food to a few people who have the virus so can’t leave their house and aren’t web users.
      I agree though and other than essentials I haven’t been outside other than in my garden for a while.

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