Kintsugi & The Little Marks of Life

Another Japanese concept I recently learned about is Kintsugi, translated this means golden joinery. A simple web search will show broken pottery repaired with gold. It makes for very attractive stoneware but it's very easy to miss that it celebrates the breakages as being part of the history of the pot. It's something people sometimes … Continue reading Kintsugi & The Little Marks of Life

Wabi-Sabi The Antithesis of OCD

I recently learned of the Japanese concept of wabi-sabi. It essentially means an acceptance of imperfection, incompleteness or impermanence in regard to beauty. You may find pottery or furniture made to deliberately be imperfect. The West and their influence have been to celebrate perfection. We see this in everything from design to fashion. We now … Continue reading Wabi-Sabi The Antithesis of OCD